Who We Are
About Cambridge Solutions
Cambridge Solutions is an international consulting firm focused on the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. We provide services to both MNCs and Chinese pharmaceutical companies. With extensive cross-functional experiences and deep industry expertise, we provide services critical to our client's short ang long-term success.
What We Do
Cambridge Solution Services
Cambridge Solutions provides several lines of services to clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries and entities who invest in these industries. These services include: in/out licensing, due diligence, partnership, capital-raising, and market-entry consulting. We also provide competitive intelligence and general strategy consulting regarding the particularities of both the US and Chinese medical technology markets.
Our Team
Our Expert Professionals
Cambridge Solutions is formed by a team of first class, highly experienced medical technology consultants with deep industry expertise. Our consultants are from diverse functional and therapeutic backgrounds. Our past roles range from consultants at McKinsey & Company and Pharmacia, Director of Licensing at BMS, Director of project management at Wyeth and Pfizer, senior manager at Merck, CEO at Link China, seasoned pharmaceutical sales professionals in China. Our expertise in different functions and disease areas gives us the best opportunity of providing comprehensive services to our clients.